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Recap and Review of Glee Episode "Wheels"

Glee-ful Highlights and Video From Episode "Wheels"

After a few arduous weeks without Glee, the show is back — and thankfully, it doesn't disappoint. Not only are there some fabulous performances (showcasing new voices), but we learn a few secrets about Tina's stutter and Sue's family life.

Meanwhile, Finn and Quinn's relationship is unraveling fast, and Puck is ready to stand up and win his baby mama back. Ready to discuss all the fun? First check out the Glee Club in Community, then


  • After sitting on the sidelines (no pun intended) for most of the first season, Artie finally gets his time in the spotlight this week. His rendition of "Dancing with Myself" is so good. Dare I say he's got a better voice than Finn? It's heartbreaking when the rest of the team doesn't rally behind him at first to try to raise money for the bus, but I love that Artie sasses Rachel back, saying, "You're irritating most of the time, but don't take that personally." Mr. Schue gives his all to try to teach the Gleeks a lesson, making everyone sit in a wheelchair for 3 hours a day — which leads to a pretty stellar performance of "Proud Mary."

I could watch Artie's solo over and over again:

  • Artie's not the only supporting character we learn more about this week; Tina finally comes out of her shell a little. She plants a big kiss on Artie (!) before revealing that she's been faking her stutter for years. Unfortunately Artie turns the sweet moment into a dour one, giving Tina the cold shoulder for pretending to be "different" when she's really "just like everyone else." Though Artie is wounded, I felt like he's a bit harsh to Tina — especially since his disability clearly has no bearing on the way she feels towards him. Hopefully he'll give her another chance.
  • Quinn's also feeling like an outcast now that she's off the Cheerios. Seeing her out of that uniform is so refreshing, though her snotty attitude towards Finn was wearing on me. She does share a sweet moment with Puck though (fun times in the home ec room!), and I have a feeling that it's only a matter of time before she switches boyfriends, leaving Finn available for Rachel.
  • Mr. Schue gives his singing and dancing skills a rest this week, but his rivalry with Sue continues. Schue is shocked when Sue agrees to take Becky for the Cheerios and thinks she's up to no good. I have to admit I also thought that Sue has an evil plan in mind, but she does have a point when she tells Schue that she's treating handicapped Becky "no different from anyone else." Then, we realize that Sue isn't entirely made of stone after all when she visits her handicapped sister in a home.
  • It's business as usual for Rachel when Mr. Schue offers her the lead vocals on "Defying Gravity," but Kurt finally takes a stand against her. Though the part is written for a woman, Schue arranges a "diva-off" when Kurt's dad stands up for his son. The relationship between Kurt and his dad makes a lot of progress — especially when Kurt throws the sing-off to protect his dad from attacks about having a gay son.

Check out Kurt laying down the voting rules:

Are you as happy as I am to have Glee back? Are you excited about the new coupling between Artie and Tina? Use the comments to chime in!

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