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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "Sundown" 2010-03-03 05:30:00

Let's Get Lost: "Sundown" Recap

Alright, ABC, you got us. You promo'd this week's Lost as so incredibly shocking you couldn't even show us the footage. Well, it has its share of jaw-dropping moments (especially the last five minutes!), but mainly, it just serves as a nice connection episode, ready to set us up for when the real drama hits the fan. And boy, is it about to.

The storyline focuses on Sayid as he finally confronts Dogen about why he's trying to kill him. A four-star fistfight ensues — seriously, Jason Bourne, eat your heart out — which kick starts another battle of good against evil, but this time, with Sayid as the pawn. Plus, in a nice flip to the sideways world, we learn more Sayid's family and the woman he loves. I don't want to give too much away, so let's get down to it. Relive the episode (and share your theories to some of my questions!) when you


  • In the alternate reality, Nadia is alive! The downside: she's married to Sayid's brother. So why aren't they together? Sayid tells her that she's too good for him, which makes me question how his past has changed. He definitely still served as an interrogator, as his brother asks him to ward off money thugs whom he owes money to. Sayid declines, but when his brother gets mysteriously mugged, he second guesses his decision (note: remember Nadia once was mugged, too). The loan men show up — and they're the mercenary henchmen Martin and Omar! — and Sayid turns the tables by killing them all. Then in another twist, Sayid finds another man they were holding hostage, and it's Jin. I love the crossed paths between the characters, but I'm curious to watch how Sayid and Jin will come together. Got any ideas?
  • After last week's glimpse of Dogen in the sideways world, we hear more about his history. As I mentioned, he fights Sayid in the show's opening, but when he has the chance to take Sayid's life, Dogen turns him away instead while staring at a baseball. I don't know about you, but I immediately thought of Jack and his connection to his father and the Red Sox. Dogen later explains himself, saying that he once drank too much and picked his son up from baseball practice, killing him in a car accident. Jacob supposedly came to him in the hospital offering him his son's life back in exchange for working on the island, which Dogen obviously agreed to. I enjoyed this larger look into Dogen's life, but unfortunately all we get is a peek. You'll know why if you keep reading.
  • Interesting to note: Dogen's explanation of his test for Sayid. He says that for every man there is a scale — one side's good; the other evil — and that Sayid's tipped the wrong way. Perhaps that also plays into the scale that we saw in the cave?
  • Sayid strikes a deal. Dogen sends him to kill Locke, and Sayid attempts to do so — but OMG, Locke yanks out the dagger, and he's still standing. He explains the obvious: Dogen thought Locke would kill Sayid for him. Instead, Locke recruits Sayid, telling him he'll get the woman "who died in his arms" (Nadia or Shannon?) if he convinces the others to join – and if he kills Dogen. Sayid follows orders, drowning Dogen in the temple pool. Lennon walks in, exclaiming that Dogen was the only one who could save them from him (Locke, duh). Oh, then Sayid kills Lennon, too. Why do you think Dogen was the only one who could protect them? What is, er, was his role?
  • With Dogen dead, Locke turns into the smoke monster, storming the temple to kill everyone. It's a bloodbath, but from the mass of bodies, Claire, Sayid, and Kate emerge, along with a few others who've now changed sides. Why is Kate spared? Since her name isn't in the cave that Sawyer and Locke visited, I'm guessing she's not a "candidate" — so what does Locke want with her? And will Claire try to kill Kate for taking Aaron from her?
  • Another woman that has me curious: Ilana. We know she came to the island for Jacob, but towards the end of the episode she pops out of nowhere with Ben and Frank to bring them to safety inside the temple wall. And she actually knows which hieroglyphic to choose on the door. She just knows too much! So what is her story? And for crying out loud, what do those hieroglyphs mean?! Supposedly the one on the escape door is a Shen ring, which represents eternal life and dual concepts of time.

The episode closes with Locke having his new army of followers, as he ventures out into the jungle — no doubt looking for Jacob. It feels like we're revving up for a battle of epic-sized proportions, but till then, let's start swapping thoughts about "Sundown." I'm dying to hear your theories about Kate's involvement and Illana! Post them in the comments or head on over to Lost Fans in community to chat some more.

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