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Recap and Video of Glee Episode Six, "Vitamin D"

Glee-ful Highlights From This Week's Episode, "Vitamin D"

Just when you thought Glee couldn't get any wackier than baby buying and middle-aged students, they go and take uppers. Yup, this week's episode didn't disappoint in the hilarity department, from the A-Rod steroid jokes to Sue's dear diary moment. I do wish there could have been more performances, though there were some serious strides in the story lines, particularly with Will and Emma.

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  • After laying low on last week's episode, Sue is back with a vengeance. Not only does she convince Terri to take a position at school, but we also get a peek into her psyche during her diary journal-writing session. Call me crazy, but I never pegged her for the pensive writer type. Sue is actually the mastermind behind the boys/girls sing-off, thanks to some words of wisdom she passes on to Will over lunch. Check out her little speech in the video below.
  • Speaking of the lunchroom, can we talk about Will and Emma for a second? They really kick things up a notch this week, starting with the mustard incident and ending with a teary-eyed moment after Emma breaks the news to Will about her engagement to Ken. I know that Terri is insufferable (not to mention ridiculous), but it still seems out of character for Will to even consider a relationship with Emma — for all he knows, there's still a mini-Schu on the way!
  • Rachel and Quinn share a very tender, bonding moment by the lockers this week but will it last? They seem to be making headway, but I just can't imagine that they'll stay civil forever — it's only a matter of time before Finn's girl situation ("I like Rachel in a Swimfan kinda way) puts the ladies at odds once again.
  • It's Finn and his sleepy eyes that bring on the biggest laughs, after a little help from Nurse Terri. From the moment the boys vs. girls competition begins, you know that there are going to be some sneaky tactics involved, but "performance enhancers?" Too good. How amazing are the musical numbers with the kids flailing around on stage, while Mr. Schu has no idea what's actually going on? I particularly loved Rachel's little monologue ("Also, angels!") and Finn's dance moves. Check out a video of the guys' performance below.
  • I can't help but feel for Mr. Schu at the end of the episode: his wife is a nut, his true love is engaged to someone else, and now he has Sue for a glee club partner. He's punished for the secret that his kids kept from him, and I can only imagine what's going to happen when he inevitably discovers that Terri's been lying to him all this time too; though perhaps that's exactly the exit he needs to finally be with Emma.

So, who would you have voted for in the sing-off? Do you wish Will would dump Terri and just get with Emma already? Chime in with your comments, and head on over to the Glee Club to keep the fun going.

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