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Recast Father of the Bride and Win a Prize!

Every Wednesday on BuzzSugar, I post a Recast challenge, where I ask you to choose new actors for a classic TV show or movie. The reader who submits the best cast wins a BuzzSugar t-shirt!

In honor of wedding planning mania on the Sugar Network, this week's Recast challenge is the 1991 remake of the Spencer Tracey classic, Father of the Bride. This film used to leave me feeling misty-eyed, though I now admit it's a tad on the ridiculous side.

Still, Steve Martin is a fantastic dadly type as George, and Kimberly Williams ais the quintessential daddy's-little-girl. Then, of course, there's Diane Keaton doing her normal good-natured tsk-tsking and Martin Short playing the flamboyant wedding planner Franck (or "Fraaaahhhhhnck").

If you could recast this sentimental comedy, who would you pick for the main characters? Leave your entry in the comment section below by the end of the day TODAY, and I'll pick one winner to feature Tuesday, April 24, complete with a "new" cast photo. To see a list of characters to recast and a photo of the BuzzSugar t-shirt,

Characters to recast:
George Banks (Steve Martin)
Nina Banks (Diane Keaton)
Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams)
Bryan MacKenzie (George Newbern)
Franck Eggelhoffer (Martin Short)

The BuzzSugar t-shirt


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bibiruby82 bibiruby82 9 years
George Banks: George Clooney Nina Banks: Wanda Sykes Annie Banks: Christina Vidal Bryan Mackenzie: Scott Caan Franck Eggenhoffer: Mario Cantone
QueenMargot QueenMargot 9 years
George Banks: Tom Hanks Nina Banks: Michelle Pfeiffer Annie Banks: Rachel McAdams Bryan Mackenzie:Adam Brody Franck Eggelhoffer:Sean Hayes
alethe16 alethe16 9 years
George Banks: William H. Macy Nina Banks: Patricia Clarkson Annie Banks: Jacinda Barrett Bryan Mackenzie: Bryan Greenberg Franck Eggelhoffer: Rainn Wilson
Punky21 Punky21 9 years
George Banks- Richard Gere Nina Banks- Jane Seymour Annie Banks - Sarah Michelle Gellar Bryan MacKenzie-Topher Grace Franck Eggelhoffer- Sean Hayes
demeter demeter 9 years
George Banks ~ Tom Hanks Nina Banks ~ Meg Ryan Annie Banks ~ Mandy Moore Bryan MacKenzie ~ Adrien Grenier Franck Eggelhoffer ~ Nathan Lane
kendallina kendallina 9 years
George Banks - Chevy Chase Nina Banks - Cybill Shepherd Annie Banks - Kristen Bell Bryan MacKenzie - John Krazinski Franck Eggelhoffer - Jamie Kennedy
chancleta chancleta 9 years
Mr. Sniffles: I SOOO thought of Stockard Channing too. She's so great.
Mr-Sniffles Mr-Sniffles 9 years
my all star cast. with john, anthony and rachel it would be better second time around! George Banks- Alec Baldwin Nina Banks- Stockard Channing (only person who would play well off of Alec) Annie Banks- Rachel McAdams Brian- John Krasinski (jim/theoffice) Frank- totally Anthony from SexinCity. love, Mr. Sniffles
specialksgurl specialksgurl 9 years
George: Will Farrell Nina: Courtney Cox Annie: Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives) Bryan: Luke Wilson Franck: Jeremy Piven
Mr-Sniffles Mr-Sniffles 9 years
love, Mr. Sniffles
fabulousgina fabulousgina 9 years
George Banks- - Jason Alexander (Love him!) Nina Banks - Annette Benning Who doens't love her??? Annie Banks - Jessica Simpson(she's like-able give her a chance!) Bryan Macenzie - Jake Gyllenhall (HOT) Frank - Anthony Marentino (remember Charlotte's gay friend from Sex and the city?)
chancleta chancleta 9 years
George: Robin Williams Nina: Patricia Heaton (From "Everybody Loves Raymond") Annie: Alexis Bledel (From "Gillmore Girls") Bryan: John Krasinski (From "The Office") Franck: Sean Hayes (From "Will and Grace")
AmyIrenie AmyIrenie 9 years
This is my all time favorite movie! I can't imagine recasting it because I love it so much as it is...but here's a few ideas... George -- Mel Gibson ( he did a cute job in what women want when dealing with women. i can see him being the overprotective dad) Nina -- Diane Lane Annie -- Rachel Bilson Brian -- Chris Klein Frank -- Sean Hayes
Britt8599 Britt8599 9 years
ok here I go.... George Banks-Tim Allen Nina Banks- Sally Field Annie Banks- Rachel McAdams (Kims twin almost) Bryan Mackenzie- Jason Behr (from the grudge) Franck Eggelhoffer- Sean Hayes
kh61582 kh61582 9 years
George Banks-Robin Williams Nina Banks-Andy McDowell Annie Banks-Mandy Moore Bryan MacKenzie-Orlando Bloom Franck Egglehoffer-Mike Myers
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I like what you did there Livience. :) ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
Livience Livience 9 years
Here's my second attempt: George Banks: Bernie Mac Nina Banks: Wanda Sykes Annie Banks: Beyonce Knowles Bryan MacKenzie: Taye Diggs Franck Eggelhoffer: Nathan Lee Graham I bet that would be a fun movie, with Bernie AND Wanda!!
Livience Livience 9 years
George Banks: Harrison Ford Nina Banks: Michelle Pfeiffer Annie Banks: Rachel McAdams Bryan MacKenzie: John Krasinski Franck Eggelhoffer: Sean Hayes
yiddidea yiddidea 9 years
George - Tom Hanks Nina - Susan Sarandon Annie - Mandy Moore Bryan - Topher Grace Frank - Sean Hayes
hollywoodholiday hollywoodholiday 9 years
George Banks: Tim Allen Nina Banks: Emma Thompson Annie Banks: Emmy Rossum Bryan MacKenzie: John Krasinski Franck Eggelhoffer: Roger Bart (from "The Producers") "Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness." --The Problem of Pain
suemey suemey 9 years
George Banks - Steve martin Nina Banks - Bonnie Hunt * Annie Banks - Mandy Moore Bryan MacKenzie - Skeet Ulrich Franck Eggelhoffer - jason schwartzman *(but i wouldnt actually dare to change diane keaton, she's superb)
breezy35 breezy35 9 years
George Banks: Dennis Quaid Nina Banks: Bonnie Hunt Annie Banks: Rachel Bilson Bryan Mackenzie: Topher Grace Franck Eggelhoffer: Will Ferrell
katwo katwo 9 years
George Banks: Dennis Quaid Nina Banks: Andie Macdowel Annie Banks: Emmy Rossum Bryan MacKenzie: Benjamin McKenzie Franck Eggelhoffer: Fred Armisen
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 9 years
George: George Clooney Nina: Demi Moore Annie: Laura Prepon Bryan: Matthew Davis Franck: Michael Urie
Pinkrabbit Pinkrabbit 9 years
George: Jeff Goldblum Nina: Michelle Pfeiffer If these two made a kid it WOULD look like Maggie G. :D Annie: Maggie Gyllenhaal Bryan: Henry Thomas Franck: David Cross!!!
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