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If you're already a fan of Comedy Central's "Reno 911!" then the movie Reno 911!: Miami is a dream come true. Basically the film strings together a series of physical jokes and one-liners, but somehow it works and is hilarious.

There are plenty of "Reno 911!"'s signature slow-building and awkward jokes, sight gags galore, and a loose story line that allows for most of "The State" members and other friends of the cast to make cameos. Though the movie attracted people like The Rock and Danny Devito, it is still basically a longer version of the television show, and while it doesn't gain anything from this, it doesn't lose anything either. It is no better or worse than the show, so

In its big-screen debut, directed by Robert Ben Garant (Deputy Travis Junior on the show), the hapless group travels to a police convention in Miami. When the administrators can't find them on the list of registrants, the team is turned away.

The next day, however, they learn that a toxic chemical has been released into the convention center and the place is locked down, making them the only available police officers to hunt down the culprits. The group repeatedly bumbles the mission, of course, only finding success by accident. In their free time, they enjoy the Miami nightlife and stumble through inane sexual misadventures. The movie wraps up in the ways you'd expect from any great episode of the show.

In general, the "Reno 911!" folks are good at not drawing jokes out too-too long, and they do well to have the characters repeatedly admit how not-smart they are. This makes everything much lighter and inoffensive. The disgusting visual humor is mostly pretty low-budget, making it more funny than obnoxious. The much talked-about butt prosthetic that Niecy Nash (who plays Officer Raineesha Williams) sports is worth the price of admission alone. And the one-liners, for fans of the show, are classic. When someone refers to Deputy Clementine Johnson's (Wendi McLendon-Covey) region "down there," she deadpans, "There's nothing down there. Nothing. Like a Barbie." All in all, viewers unfamiliar with the show will probably find the film annoying, but the show's excitable fan base will be very pleased.

Photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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jimi420 jimi420 9 years
go buzz, i am actually watching reno 911 season 2 disc 2 right now! Can't stop laughing and can't wait to see the movie. Have you seen it yet (is it out yet)?
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
Actually, LanaConga, Devito isn't a writer for the show or the movie, though he is an executive producer. It isn't false to say he was attracted to the film. But thanks for the nice tip!
LanaConga LanaConga 9 years
Umm Danny Devito wasnt attracted to this movie because he WRITES for the tv show. duh... do your research..
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