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The Results Are In: Recast Green Acres

Every Wednesday on BuzzSugar, I post a Recast challenge, where I ask you to choose new actors for a classic TV show or movie. The reader who submits the best cast wins a BuzzSugar t-shirt!

This week's recast challenge for Green Acres is exciting because there actually is a modern TV remake of the show in the works! So, theoretically, it's possible your ideas for new actors to play these old parts will actually become a reality.

I liked a lot of the suggestions for recasting this old series, like ihearthilary's idea of Hugh Hefner playing Oliver Douglas, and alynn's Oliver idea of Victor Garber. I think Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso on Scrubs!) would make an excellent Mr. Haney, as biochemlovely suggested. eyoste's idea to recast Eva Gabor as Mother Douglas would be a funny nod to the original cast! And nikkih's recast list includes some great lookalikes, like Brian Stepanek as Eb Dawson.

Overall, though, I gotta say I got a huge kick out of leeluvfashion's recast list, so she's the winner this week! To see who leeluvfashion picked along with a new cast photo,

leeluvfasion's cast:
Oliver Douglas — Robert Redford
Lisa Douglas — Michelle Pfeiffer
Eb Dawson — Simon Rex
Mr. Haney — Dustin Hoffman
Hank Kimball — John C. Reilly
Mother Douglas — Shirley MacLane

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