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Let's Never Forget Robb Stark's Good Looks

Jun 18 2014 - 4:39pm

This week, Game of Thrones [1] actor Richard Madden turns 28, and although we've already said a very tragic goodbye to his GOT character, Robb Stark, we're still swooning over his sexiest moments on the show. From season one to season three, Robb evolves from Ned Stark's handsome, single oldest son to the married King of the North, but one thing that doesn't change is how handsome he is. (Those eyes! Swoon.) To celebrate Madden's birthday and the end of season four, take our quiz to find out which Game of Thrones guy you should date [2], and then take a look at 18 times Robb Stark looks very, very hot.

When He Holds the Baby Direwolves in His Arms

When He (AND JON SNOW) Are Shirtless

When He's a Protective Older Brother

When He Lets Out a Slow Smile

When His Eyes Are Seriously All You Can See

When He Stands in the Rain

When He Wears This Hot Leather Outfit

When He Gets Angry and Looks Even Hotter

When He Gives the Most Serious (and Sexy) of Stares

When He and His Direwolf Mean Business

When He Smirks at Talisa

And When He Looks at Talisa Like This

When He and Talisa Exchange Vows

When He Basically Just Sits There Looking Good

When He Hugs Jon Snow — Your Other Stark Crush

But Mostly, When He Makes Out With Talisa

And When Things Get Really Heated

And Also THIS

You're welcome.

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