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36 Reasons Why You'd Love Robin Scherbatsky Too

Apr 2 2014 - 10:04am

How I Met Your Mother has come to an end, and by now, you should know how it all ends [1]. Very long story short, Ted ends up with Robin, and even if you don't agree with how it ended [2], you can't deny that superromantic Ted [3] has always had the hots for Scherbatsky, and we're going over why. There are a lot of excellent reasons: the former Canadian pop star is a journalist, hockey-lover, boy magnet, relatable woman, and all-around badass. Let us count the ways.

She Has a Fantastic Eye Roll

She Knows What's Important

She's Got Her Eyes on You

She's Got Sweet Moves

She Will Put You in Your Place

She's Got Canadian Pride

She's Not Sorry About Her Love of Hockey Players

She'll Call You Out For Looking at Her Shirt Boobs

She Suits Up

She Will Kill You, and She Might Be Serious

She Makes Harry Potter References

Her Bark Is Pretty Scary

She's Honest About What She Wants

She's Mastered Funny/Sexy

She's Robin Sparkles!

She May Have Hidden It, but She Is Not Ashamed

But She Knows When to Hang Up the Sparkles

And Try On a New Pop Persona

She Practices Gun Control, but Her Definition May Be Different Than Yours

She Does Her Wallowing in Private

But Remembers the Booze and Snacks

She Has Priorities

She Has Some Old-School Flirting Moves

She Loves Her Scotch

Or the Perfect Burger

Her Sexiness Can Be Kind of Cheesy, but She Pulls It Off

She Even Makes Laser Tag Sexy

She's a Guy's Girl

But She's Also a Girl's Girl When It Comes to Lily

They're Truly the Perfect Platonic Couple

She's Refreshingly Honest

She's an Insult Queen

She Was One Half of One of the Most Awesome TV Couples Ever

And Their Moves Together Are Epic

She Won't Lie to You

And She Knows EXACTLY Who She Is

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