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Ryan Gosling's Sexiest Moments From The Notebook

Nov 12 2015 - 10:45am

Yes, The Notebook turns us into an emotional mess [1], but it's totally worth it, because Noah Calhoun — aka Ryan Gosling [2] — is just so beautiful. Let's be real: Gosling is hot enough on his own [3] without adding in that cute accent. We're looking back on some of the most gorgeous Noah moments from the movie, and there are quite a few. From his handsome, charming first-date smirks to his sexy, rugged days later on, there are plenty of reasons to swoon over Noah. To celebrate the leading man's birthday, check out the hottest Ryan Gosling eye candy from The Notebook!

The Sexy Stare

The Adorable Smile

The Up-Against-the-Wall Kiss

The Ocean Frolicking

The Rear View

The Almost-Kiss

The Jump-Up Kiss

The "I Built This House For You"

The Scruffy Smirk

The White-Tee Moment

The Superhot Rower

The Superhot Rower Part Two

The Wet-Shirt Contest

The Sexy Suds

The Wearing-a-Blanket-and-Still-Looks-Hot Moment

The Adorable WTF Face

The Pensive Brooding

And, Most Importantly, This

"Get in the water! I'm sorry. Get in the water, baby."

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