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Ryan Lochte to Star on 90210 | Video

Video: Ryan Lochte Is Coming to TV — Find Out Where You'll See Him!

Ryan Lochte has talked about appearing on TV, and now he's officially booked a role. In this episode of The Buzz, BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are telling you where you can see him this Fall. Take a look!

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Ryan Lochte has talked about appearing on TV and now he has officially booked a role. Hi, I'm Becky Kirsch. And I'm Shannon Vestal. In this episode of the Buzz, you'll find out what show Ryan Lochte will be appearing on this fall. Ryan Lochte is coming to 90210. The Olympian has booked a gig on the show to appear as himself this fall. So Shannon, how do you go about this? I'm actually pretty surprised because he's been talking about coming to TV, but reality shows like Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. So I was actually pretty surprised to hear that he was going to be on a scripted show. Well, I'm not that surprised because 90210 has had a lot of guest stars over the years. We had Vinnie from the Jersey Shore who just kept coming up in more and more episodes, Carly Ray Jepsen is gonna be on the season premiere which I think will be fun, so Lochte should fit right in here, especially since a lot of the show takes place at the beach, so I'm betting we're gonna see him with his shirt off. Let's hope so. Also I was a little bit disappointed that he's going to be on 90210, I was kinda hoping for a show like Gossip Girl where he could play Serena's love interest. Well, maybe he has to build for that and he can kind of Made the transfer from one show to another I actually really thought he was going to end up on Dancing With the Stars because so many Olympians go on that show and a lot of them win. Well, I disagree with you on that because I was thinking that he was definitely going to be the next Bachelor. We did a poll on BuzzSugar to find out if our readers also wanted to see Ryan Lochte as the next Bachelor, so let's go to those results. They're pretty split. I don't know. I'm still pulling to see Ryan Lochte handing out roses. Yeah, but if he's on 90210 then he's on The Bachelor, do you think all his fame's gonna go to his head? When is he gonna have time to get holding true for the next Olympics. Well, I'm not sure but I feel like, whatever he ends up doing, he could have his own reality show to show us. Maybe they could call it Life of Lochte. Or Lochte TV. Or Jyeah. Jyeah. Alright, let us know if you're excited to see Lochte on TV before he shows up on 90210 this fall. I'm Becky Kirsch. I'm Shannon Vestal, thanks for watching the Buzz.

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