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Samuel L. Jackson Avengers Interview (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson Talks About His Superhero Envy and Getting Nick Fury His Own Movie

As Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson has popped up in most of the prequel movies to The Avengers, but the character gets a lot more screen time this time around. Still, Jackson expressed that he used to be a bit envious of his superhero costars when I chatted with him at a press day for The Avengers. He also talked about his hopes for a Nick Fury movie, and shared stories about working with Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained. Check it out:

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We knew it was going to be exciting but you never know it's going be funny. This movie is very funny. You have all the heroes around. You have to kind of find yourself. Kind of pull back, pull back. You're not one of them. We 've seen Nick Fury before, but tell me a little bit about how different it was to be in this movie. I have a bigger arc, I guess, and you finally figure out what Nick Fury does, where he does it, the base of operations, what the Avengers initiative is and why he has this goal of bringing these guys together. What was the biggest challenge for you? Trying not to be as heroic as the other guys around. You know you have all these heroes around. You have to find yourself. Kind of pull back, pull back. You're not one of them. You're something else. Because you want to be as exciting and as heroic as those guys. It sounds like you have a little bit of superhero envy. I used to. Yeah. What superhero did you want to be when you had that? Way back when I wanted to be The Flash or like Aquaman. So which one of these guys would you want to be? The Hulk. Why? Just to let off some steam every now and then. So when you first saw the movie, what were you most impressed by? I'm most impressed by the fact that Josh got the one thing right that a lot of people don't get right when people do books based on comic books and comic book series and a comic character. We got the comic right, it's funny. We knew it was going to be exciting, but You never know what's going to be funny. This movie's very funny. Right, I have to agree. Next year, it still remains to have a mysterious this character, so might we see Nick Fury get his own movie, sometime? Don't know, possibly. My next outing as Nick Fury probably is going to be in "Captain America 2." Would you want to see him get his own the move? Of course. And what would you like to see happen to him? Don't know. You know, I actually think, well mainly because mainly he is not a super being and he's part of that shadow world of things. I'm sure you would end up having Natasha and Barton with him, and it would be more of a, in my mind and heart, a super Bondian kind of movie. OK. Yeah. Very cool. Super Bondian I think you just patented that word. That'd be nice. I never heard that before. You have Jango and Jane coming up after this. So what's it like to read scenes with Quentin Tarantino? It's fun, like it always is. Quentin runs a fun set, we laugh a lot and joke a lot and be serious when it's time to be serious. And he still provides all kinds of off-campus fun for people by having his screenings and his picnics and his parties, and everything else. So, it's a fun shoot.

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