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Say "Good Morning Agrestic" with the "Weeds" Crew

Say "Good Morning Agrestic" with the "Weeds" Crew

The good folks of "Weeds" have undoubtedly been pretty busy these past few months, what with producing 15 episodes of hilarious comedy (including this week's premiere, which — talk about piling a cliffhanger on top of a cliffhanger! but I digress). But it turns out they've had enough free time on set to put together a faux morning show called "Good Morning Agrestic," produced by Shane Botwin and hosted by Dean and Pam-from-PTA.

There are two segments so far: One, a cooking segment, shows Andy and Silas cooking an herb-heavy recipe; the other, a talk show-style "issues" segment, features Celia and Isabel arguing about teen sexuality. Neither is as clever as "Weeds" itself, but they're about the quality of good DVD special features — and Kevin Nealon as the weatherman makes the whole thing worth watching. To check out "Good Morning Agrestic" for yourself,

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