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See? Some Reality Shows Actually Don't Get Made!

With so many awful reality shows flooding network television these days (really, now, I Survived a Japanese Game Show?), it's sometimes hard to believe that there's anything the networks won't make into a series.

Well, I've come across a couple of stories today that prove that theory wrong. Maybe I'll appreciate regular reality TV better now that I know what we could be watching.

First of all, ABC turned down a Big Brother sequel called Golden Cage, a version of which has aired in the Netherlands. The idea was that strangers would live together in a mansion, with the goal of "irritating the other inhabitants into submission." The winner would get the mansion. Sadly, it's not a concern for quality that caused ABC to pass; it's that producing the show would cost too much.

Also, Mike Darnell, the evil genius behind many of Fox's reality shows (Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, et al) recently told the Hollywood Reporter about the worst ideas he ever got pitched — one of which was a show about left-handed people, the other of which was Big Brother with both puppets and people. Week after week, he said, the audience would be asked to vote out either a person or a puppet.

While I have to agree with Defamer that Big Muppet sounds weirdly awesome, it's at least reassuring to know that there are some standards, however low. Is there a reality concept that you can believe hasn't been made into a series yet?


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duck-duck-goose duck-duck-goose 7 years
I totally wanna see some puppets get cutthroat! (They can be so evil, like all those cheesy horror flicks portray them to be. Imagine Big Brother meets Dead Silence/Dolls -- Ooooh, if the people get voted out, maybe the dolls get to attack them and turn them into ghastly living dolls. That'd be GREAT fun!) Some human contestants would *for sure* lose to puppets in competitions. (You know they would!) Some of them are dumber than driftwood washed ashore. I want to see the puppet diary room sessions. (Nothing below the belt, though -- I don't want to hear them making cheesy puns about having wood.)
sidra5397 sidra5397 7 years
I can't stop laughing over the puppets!
katarzina katarzina 7 years
WTF - Puppets? What happens when there are only puppets left?
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