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Take a Minute to Relive the Funniest Seinfeld Moments Ever

Apr 29 2015 - 7:00am

Jerry Seinfeld [1] turns 61 on Wednesday, and while he continues to do lots of new projects in the years after his namesake sitcom, we still consider Seinfeld to be his be-all, end-all legacy. The series turned 25 last July, which is mind-boggling not just because of the year count, but because the show is still so funny. How many times have you watched a rerun and laughed your head off and caught new jokes? Seinfeld launched a ton of pop culture catchphrases and made weird situations relatable [2], so to celebrate the greatness of the series, we've rounded up 60 of the very best and funniest Seinfeld GIFs. If you have a door, close it now, because you're about to crack up.

When Jerry Makes Silly Glasses Sillier

When Jerry and Elaine Have This Near-Miss

When Kramer's Tight Jeans Are Waaay Too Tight

When Kramer Does This Epic Spit-Take

And When Newman Does This Spit-Take

When Jerry Gets Literally Manhandled

When George Suffers From Shrinkage

When Jerry's Mind Is Blown

When Kramer Gets Spat On

When Elaine Steals Puddy's Jesus Fish

When Jerry Scratches, Not Picks

When George Has a High-Five Fail

When Jerry Makes Up a Funny Voice For His Girlfriend's Stomach

When Kramer Gets Beaned in the Head

When George Gets Punched

When Kramer Makes Some Space

When Kristin Davis Brushes Her Teeth With a Toilet Toothbrush

When George Gets This Massage

When Kramer Dances in His Underwear

When Elaine Tells Jerry to GET OUT

Then When Elaine Tells Kramer to GET OUT

When Kramer Is a Big Ol' Turkey

When Elaine Can't Spare a Square

When Kramer Is Gettin' Down With Some Chicken

When George Bursts Out of the Bathroom

When Kramer Gets Blinded by the Light

When Elaine Yada Yada Yadas Sex

When George Gets Tomatoed

When Jerry and Kramer Scream in the Hospital

When Elaine Quotes a Meryl Streep Movie You Never Saw

When George Delights in His Own Answering Machine Message

When This Group Dance Happens

And When the Gang Does This Group Dance Too

When Elaine Forgets How to Swallow

When Kramer and George Have This Awkward Photo Shoot

When Kramer Should Have Lifted With His Knees

When Jerry Makes This Amazing Catch

When Kramer Is Dressed Like a Real Pimp

When Elaine Is Having a Win

When George Is Maxin' and Relaxin'

When Elaine Is Crazy-Happy

When Kramer Is Eatin' and Rockin' and Drivin' and Whatnot

When George Accidentally Trips Someone

When Elaine Shows Us How to Swig

When Jerry Really Talks With His Hands

When Kramer and His Karate Pals Are Having the BEST Time Ever

"Fake! Fake! Fake!"

When George Scoots Right In

When Elaine Is Being a Hilarious Jerk

When Jerry Takes a Drink Like This

When George Gets Strangled

When Kramer and Newman Are Losing It

When Kramer Is Losing It Again

When Kramer Enters Like This

When the Close-Talker Terrorizes Everyone

When Jerry Makes This Face on a Date

When Kramer Gets Really Expressive

When George Is Forced to Motorboat Elaine

When Kramer Stops Short

And of Course, When Elaine Does the Greatest Dance in TV History

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