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Why Shawn Hunter Was (and Maybe Still Is) the Guy of Your Dreams

Aug 12 2016 - 12:00pm

There were a lot of reasons to love Boy Meets World back in the day, and sure, Cory and Topanga's relationship [1] was adorable, but Shawn Hunter was the ultimate '90s sitcom crush. Played by Rider Strong, Shawn was the good "bad boy," and although he may have tried to pull off a tough image — remember "Shawnzie"? — he had a heart of gold, making him the perfect onscreen heartthrob. To celebrate Shawn's wedding [2] (aka the death of your young dreams of marrying him yourself) on this week's episode, take a look at all the reasons you feel for him to begin with.

He Had the Cutest Smile

And the Best Hair

Not to Mention the Bad-Boy Attitude

(But Seriously, the Hair)

He Tried to Act Tough

And He Sometimes Joked Around

But Mostly He Was Just Really Sweet

Even Shawn's Pets Were Adorable

So Were His Dance Moves

They Were Some Pretty Impressive Moves

Let's Not Forget His Facial Expressions

Or His Iconic Poses

Including This Interesting Introspective Shot

Sure He Got Into Trouble, But He Had a Heart of Gold

Shawn Was Really Cute

And Really Fun

And Really, Adorably Charming

Bonus Points For Being Romantic

And For Dropping Heartfelt Lines Like a Pro

Shawn Was Even Cute When He Was Mad

And When He Danced Like This

And Like This, Too

Yep, Rider Strong Posters Definitely Had a Spot on Your Wall

Because, Yes, He Was Totally Cute Then

When Shawn's Heart Broke, Yours Did, Too

You Just Wanted to Give Him a Hug

So Many Hugs

Hugs All Around, All the Time

When He Got Emotional, It Was Just Too Much to Handle


And the Most Lovable Thing Was His Friendship With Cory

They Brought Out the Best in Each Other

And It Maybe Made You Cry a Little

Shawn Hunter Forever, Right?

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