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"Shear Genius": I'm a Ninja — Just Putting That Out There

"Shear Genius": I'm a Ninja — Just Putting That Out There

Let's all think together: Has there ever been another reality show where a contestant has shown up at a mall dressed like a ninja? I think that's yet another first for "Shear Genius."

At the start of the episode, the stylists discovered three ledger books waiting for them in the apartment. Three books for six contestants? Smells like a team challenge! For the short cut challenge, the stylists had to pair up and solicit haircuts from random mall shoppers; whichever team had the most money at the end would win. As the winner of the last challenge, Tyson got to pick his partner first, and he went with Tabatha, because obviously the poor boy can't interact with anyone who isn't platinum blond. Daisy and Anthony paired up, and Boogie and Ben formed the third team, which frustrated Boogie, given that Ben had shown up dressed as a ninja and thus might freak out potential clients. No, that was never fully explained, but really, if you had a ninja outfit, wouldn't you wear it everywhere?

Anyway, Ben and Boogie pitched themselves as $10 bargain haircutters, while Tabatha and Tyson insisted they stay upscale. At first, that landed them a big ol' zero in the ledger book, but eventually Tyson turned on his, er, charm (consisting of lines like "you've got lovely hair; might I touch it?") and they ended up earning the most. That doesn't mean they suddenly liked each other, though, so read more

For the elimination challenge, the stylists had to keep their same teams to design hair for a wedding party (bride, maid of honor, mom). Boogie switched between ignoring Ben and making Ben his lackey, while Tabatha and Tyson griped about each other in front of their clients and created one of the ugliest French twists known to man. Daisy and Anthony, on the other hand, actually acted like professional adults. Imagine!

The results (from top to bottom, left to right, starting in the upper left):

Boogie & Ben's maid of honor; Boogie & Ben's bride; Tyson & Tabatha's maid of honor; Anthony & Daisy's mom; Tyson & Tabatha's bride; Tyson & Tabatha's mom; Anthony & Daisy's bride; Anthony & Daisy's maid of honor; Boogie & Ben's mom.










At the judging, Tabatha sold out Tyson, telling the judges she'd seen better French twists in her life. Why would she say that? "Probably because I don't care for him very much." Oh, that explains it. The obvious winners were Daisy and Anthony, and once again, I wish they'd shot the photos from the back, because the bride's look was gorgeous — kind of like a woven ribbon. Ben and Boogie survived because of Tyson and Tabatha's total implosion; even though the Bizarro Twins been the strongest stylists up to this point, this was their final cut.

Next week: The final four! Will Boogie remain? I just know I'm already excited for the reunion.



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