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"Shear Genius": One Wet Cat To Rule Them All

"Shear Genius": One Wet Cat To Rule Them All

After last week's unceremonious booting of two of the strongest stylists in the competition, "Shear Genius" was back this week with the second to last episode. Wow, time flies when you're learning the cutthroat world of hair art. Onwards and upwards, let's recap our penultimate hair cuts (both figuratively and literally):

At the beginning of the show, the four remaining contestants were thrown right into their first challenge — styling an African American woman's hair. This threw Ben into a tizzy, just slapping product after product on his poor model, resulting in a heavy gross-looking mess until about two seconds before the time was up. It ended up mediocre, but needless to say, he did not win the challenge. Anthony won, allowing him to hand out the assignments in the elimination challenge.

For the final challenge the contestants had to style hair in a particular "mood" for a photoshoot. Which was was fun! Yay! BUT before that nonsense, they each got heartfelt video messages from loved ones. Which made Boogie and Ben cry. Especially Ben. Anyway, back to the hair.

Daisy, whose assignment was "Sex Kitten" (but really more like wet cat) was up first and had to style her models hair while it was wet. It looked easy, it went smoothly, the model was probably posing for Maxim. Moving on. Next up was Anthony, who had "Retro Glamour" which mostly meant "Give this woman fake blonde extensions and please don't let us see her darker hairline." He mostly failed in that second part. The photographer looked very displeased.

To hear how the rest of the contestants faired, see the before/afters, and learn who won, who lost, and who wore surgical booties (OK, that one was easy) just read more

Dr. Boogie, who had "Diva Star," deemed himself the "fastest weaver in town" (which I assume pertains only to hair, not baskets) came into the shoot looking strong, but would not stop fussing with his model. In the end it looked like she was wearing about 50 lbs of extra hair when she was supposed to look breezy and windblown. Whoops.

Ben had "Rebel Rocker" and pretty much gave up on himself halfway through the pre-styling when he was told to "make it stick straight up." Somehow halfway through the shoot it worked out. I think most of the credit should go to the model.





As for the judging, it went pretty much as expected. The judges loved Ben and Daisy. Daisy won (which seems like a cop out because it looked the easiest) and for whatever reason was given a jean baseball cap. Who knows.

As for the ol' heave ho? Farewell Dr. Boogie. You will be missed. At least you left how you entered — in scrubs. Also, I think he was kind of happy to be sent home.

Next week, the finale! Wheeeeee! What did you guys think? Who will be a cut above the rest? Somehow I'm feeling like it's Daisy's game to lose...

Photos courtesy Bravo


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