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"Shear Genius": Weasel Boy, Fig Jam and More

"Shear Genius": Weasel Boy, Fig Jam and More

Everyone on "Shear Genius" is pretty Grade-A crazy, huh? This week really brought out the nuttiest in the seven remaining stylists, including Tyson conjuring visions of Queen Elizabeth's hairdresser. Wow. Just — wow.

For the short cut challenge, the contestants were told to report to a barber shop, which convinced Tabatha they'd have to cut dogs' hair. Yup, that makes sense. Instead, the stylists get to cut men's hair — but not just any men, oh no. These were men who hadn't seen the inside of a barber shop for a very long time, resulting in 'dos ranging from "casual headbanger" to "that guy from Silverchair circa 1995." Tabatha won by giving her guy a haircut that made him look like a 14-year-old skater boy instead of a 12-year-old skater boy. She also introduced us to the most fabulous expression ever, calling Tyson "Fig Jam" — or, as she explained, "F--- I'm Good, Just Ask Me." She later called him "weasel boy," but that's not nearly as catchy.

For the elimination challenge, the stylists had to design a hairstyle emblematic of a certain era. Tabatha got to pick her era first, plus dole out eras to the rest of the stylists. She gave Tyson the Elizabethan era in an effort to trip him up, but the most confused folks seemed to be Danna, who couldn't get her mind around '40s glamour, and Boogie, who spent a portion of his time "researching" the Medieval era by rubbing Tabatha's rear.

By the way, why has Rene Fris made his catchphrase "let's shake it"? What does that even mean? To see whose "hair era" was a disaster and talk about what Boogie wore, read more

First of all, not only was Boogie back in scrubs, but he also wore a pair of fringed, tie-dyed pants for the elimination. Nice.

Here are the results:








From left to right, starting with the top row: Daisy (Victorian), Anthony ('60s), Tyson (Elizabethan), Tabatha ('80s punk), Dr. Boogie (Medieval), Danna ('40s), Ben ('20s).

The guest judge was Ken Paves, who extricated himself from his celebrity clients long enough to babble for a few minutes. Seriously, was he on uppers? To be fair, he might have needed them to counteract Anthony's yawn-inducing take on the '60s. The judges also seemed bored with Tabatha pulling out her second mohawk-ish 'do of the competition, but I was just impressed that she got her model's looooong hair to stand on end like that.

The best of the bunch: Tyson — looks like Tabatha's strategy backfired — whose elaborate Elizabethan style was made better by the ridiculous dress the costumers found for his model.

The worst by a mile: Danna's '40s style, which was way too conservative and not glamorous at all; her model looked like a schoolmarm. (The business suit didn't help.)

Next week: Ben dresses as a ninja. I think I love him.



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