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How to Deal With the Very, Very Long Wait For New Sherlock

Jul 7 2014 - 10:33am

The Internet had a mini meltdown [1] last week after the BBC announced that Sherlock would begin filming a Christmas special and a new series in 2015 [2]. However, due to the delay in getting episodes to America, fans in the States will likely have a very, very long wait until they can finally get their hands on new episodes. To help alleviate the waiting pain, we've put together a guide on how to deal with Sherlock [3] withdrawals.

Source: Hartswood Films [4]

Yes — Sherlock Is Coming Back With New Episodes!

OK, Let's Do the Math — When Will the New Episodes Actually Air?

2016!? We Have to Wait Almost 2 Years For New Episodes?

Maybe We Can Get Through This by Watching the First 3 Seasons

But Wait, That's Just, Like, 9 Episodes

Source: YouTube user Eleonora Benevento [5]

How Can We Make 9 Episodes Last Us Through a 2-Year Wait?

Maybe We Can Watch the Sherlock Holmes Movies?

Or Maybe We'll Just Read the Books!

OK, Well, We Need to Figure Out Something

Source: CNN [6]

Why Won't It Just Come Back Sooner?

Oh Well, We're Still Getting New Sherlock Episodes!

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