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The Simpsons to Become Longest Running Show in Primetime TV History with 22 Seasons

The Simpsons Renewed For Season 22: Woohoo or D'oh?

Good thing The Simpsons invested in some new opening credits, because apparently they'll be in use for a while: Fox has renewed the show for two more seasons totaling 44 episodes.

That'll make The Simpsons the longest-running primetime show in TV history with 22 seasons under its belt. But it will have a ways to go before it has the most episodes of any primetime series: Gunsmoke was only on for 20 years (heh, yeah, "only") but produced 635 episodes, while Homer and co. are just shy of 500.

Still, that's a mighty impressive mark for some animated characters from Springfield. So, what do you make of the news?

Photo courtesy of Fox

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