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Snap Judgment: The Emmy Drama Nominations

I've been sifting through the list of 2009 Emmy nominees, and now that I've gotten past my initial reactions of delight (Elisabeth Moss!) and annoyance (still no Friday Night Lights in the major categories, ugh), I'm ready to talk about all these feelings.

  • First and foremost: I am so happy for Elisabeth Moss, aka Peggy on Mad Men. I was rooting for any/all of the women on that show, and I'm thrilled that Moss is the one nominated.
  • As for the men, it's neat to see Jon Hamm nominated for not just his role as Don Draper but also his guest spot on 30 Rock. Mad Men and 30 Rock were the big winners at last year's Emmys, and now we've had one crossover with Hamm on 30 Rock — I think it would be pretty awesome to see Tina Fey guest star somehow on Mad Men.
  • The Emmys' love affair with Mad Men continues in many other categories, including the ones for costumes (naturally), directing, casting and four out of the five nominations for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. That's insane! I'm more excited than ever for that durned show to return next month.
  • The fifth nomination (and the only one not for Mad Men) in the writing category is for Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof's work on the Lost season finale, "The Incident." I couldn't agree more with this nomination, and I find it interesting that this is the one episode in the entire world of dramatic television writing that the Academy deemed on par with the writing on Mad Men

More thoughts if you


  • Some surprising snubs: True Blood, The Shield, and Battlestar Galactica all ignored in the major categories. Both The Shield and Battlestar Galactica had good, solid final seasons.
  • I have to say, I chuckled a little bit to see Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh receive some nods for their work on Grey's Anatomy, while Katherine Heigl's name is nowhere to be found. At the same time, I actually do think Heigl was deserving of a nomination this time around.
  • Hooray for Damages! The Glenn Close nod was pretty much a given, but now Rose Byrne is also being recognized, along with Ted Danson and — perhaps best of all — William Hurt, whom I think turned in a tremendous and gut-wrenching performance this past season. He made me cry. Cry, I tell you!
  • Hurt has some tough competition in that Best Supporting Actor category, as he's joined by John Slattery of Mad Men, Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad, and Michael Emerson of Lost. I feel compelled to root for Emerson the most, but it's a difficult decision.
  • As for the Lead Actor and Actress nominees, it's a bit of a snoozefest since the lists are practically the same as last year's. The Lead Actor category is the same as last year's if you sub Simon Baker for James Spader, and the actress one is the same as last year's with Elisabeth Moss added. Are they just afraid to not nominate, say, Mariska Hargitay or Michael C. Hall at this point? Or are all of them really just that good year after year?
  • It's Big Edie vs. Little Edie in the Lead Actress for a Miniseries or Movie category!
  • Speaking of that category, Chandra Wilson's nomination makes me kinda want to see that Accidental Friendship movie on the Hallmark channel.

Got thoughts on the drama categories?

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