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"So You Think You Can Dance": Down to Six. Grrrr.

"So You Think You Can Dance": Down to Six. Grrrr.

I think this is the first elimination on "So You Think You Can Dance" this season that's really made me sad. Dominic and Sara got booted from the show this week, and while I think voters made the right call on the guys' side, I'm pretty bummed about the results for the girls.

The girls' bottom two wasn't surprising at all: Lauren and Sara, which I'd figured would happen after they got less-than-stellar reviews from the judges on Wednesday. Same with Dominic on the guys' side. But the big surprise for me was Neil in the bottom two instead of Danny. Honestly, judging on the quality of dancing alone, I would have put Neil there too. But when has America ever judged on the quality of dancing alone? Do we all suddenly love Danny now, after thinking he was a pompous jerk for the past couple of months? And what does it say about Neil that even after a) dancing shirtless and b) getting the emotional boost from the dead-dad dance, he still wasn't safe?

So in the end, poor Sara — who I thought was definitely the better half of her pair this week — was sent home, while Lauren gets to stay another week. I rooted for Lauren all through the auditions and even in the early rounds of the competition, but I've really become disenchanted with her since then, and I hope she's the next girl to go. Meanwhile, I'm surprisingly OK with Dominic's elimination; his slapdash partnering skills weren't going to hold up forever, and I'm not sure how much longer Cat could have put up with him groping her with his head precariously close to her breasts. What's your take?

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