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"So You Think You Can Dance": The Elite Eight

"So You Think You Can Dance": The Elite Eight

Whether it's standard practice or a reaction to last week's oddly controversial routine, there were no solos on this week's "So You Think You Can Dance." Instead, each couple danced twice, performing wildly different styles and leaving me thoroughly discombobulated as to which dancers should stay and which should go.

The only two who I'm virtually sure will be safe are Pasha and Sabra, who easily get the "Couple of the Night" award from me. Their Broadway routine was incredibly fun, and they also managed a high-energy quickstep to close out the evening. I finally figured out what's so amazing about Sabra: She's such an emotional chameleon, thoroughly changing her expression depending on the character of the music.

Neil and Lacey got the gift of the competition in the form of an emotional contemporary routine from Mia Michaels, the story of which imagined Mia and her deceased father meeting to dance again in heaven. Clearly, none of the judges were going to say anything negative about the piece after Mia explained its roots, and it's not like they needed to, really. It was well-performed, and Lacey finally managed to show some genuine, non-stagey emotions. But I reacted more strongly to the story than the dancing, and — unless it looked wildly different in person than it did on TV —I'm not sure I'd call it one of the best dance performances ever on television.

But Neil and Lacey's other routine was less fantastic — a Latin jazz number in which Lacey did her Lacey thing without ever looking at Neil, who was delivering plenty of awkward moves of his own — and the other two couples were hit-or-miss as well. To hear more about them, see a gallery of photos and get my predictions for who's going home, read more

Lauren and Dominic weren't bad, exactly, but their krumping wasn't quite hard enough and their rhumba was more posing (albeit sexy posing) than dancing. And my biggest problem with Sara and Danny was that they didn't seem to match well with each other; she was sharp in hip-hop while he was smooth, and their tango was sexy in the moment but ultimately forgettable.

Based solely on tonight's performances, I think Lauren and Sara are the girls most in danger, while Danny and Dominic are the guys I think are most likely to end up in the bottom. I'd have no problem sending Lauren home, but the choice on the guys' side is so much harder; Dominic might be out this time, but I'd hate to see either of those guys go, especially because I think they're more interesting individually than either Neil or Pasha. What's your take?









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