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"So You Think You Can Dance": The Top 18 Compete

"So You Think You Can Dance": The Top 18 Compete

Wow. I have to say, I did not expect the "So You Think You Can Dance" dancers to be this strong at the start of the season. You know how on "American Idol," there are always those few weeks when everyone seems to be holding back so as not to tip their hand too early? Not on this show. I'm having a really hard time deciding which couples should be in the bottom three, because even the weakest of the group were still incredibly entertaining. The only people who actually need to step it up are the costume designers, because many of last night's outfits were pretty heinous, with Lauren's leggings/tulle/faux-hawk getup and Jessi and Pasha's feathers among the worst offenders.

Dominic and Sabra (above) were in the bottom three last week, but they were my favorites this time around. First of all, where did Sabra come from? She was barely mentioned in the audition episodes and nearly left last week, and now I think she's one of the best girls in the competition. And Dominic is such a sweetheart; he made Mia cry, and I'm pretty sure that's no easy feat.

Anya and Danny's Viennese Waltz was another standout; they both looked natural and confident, and that move where he spun her around on one foot was a stunner. Sara and Jesus were better than I expected, given that they drew the task of doing the Paso Doble to "We Will Rock You." And as much as I still can't get myself to like Jessi and Pasha, I have to admit that their African-tinged dance was strong.

As for my least-favorites ... ack, this is hard, but I'd put Hok and Jaimie in the bottom three. It's not because of Hok, who I think has acquitted himself well in every style he's tackled so far. Jaimie just seems to be dragging him down. Faina and Cedric switched roles this week — last week, Faina tackled an unfamiliar style; this time, it was Cedric — and in retrospect, I think Faina faked hip-hop better than Cedric faked ballroom. He reminded me of watching Clyde Drexler the few times I watched "Dancing with the Stars" this year, and it's unfortunate, because I know he's a better dancer than that. I'm really not sure which other couple will hit the bottom three, though it could be Lauren and Neil, just because they went first and were ultimately a little forgettable.

Which dancers did you like? Clear favorites? Total disasters? To see a gallery of photos from the performances, read more










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