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"So You Think You Can Dance": We Have Our Winner

"So You Think You Can Dance": We Have Our Winner

So as I mentioned in the poll earlier today, Sabra Johnson is America's favorite dancer. The 20-year-old dancer got the biggest share of the 16 million votes cast after this week's performance show on "So You Think You Can Dance," netting her $250,000.

I had been rooting for Sabra all season, but Wednesday night's performances swayed me to Danny's side enough that I was just a little disappointed when Cat said Sabra's name. Still, based on the whole season, I think she's a worthy winner. Lacey was the first of the top four to be eliminated, followed by Neil. I'm glad it came down to Sabra and Danny at the top; I really would have been OK with either one of them at the end.

The finale was jam-packed with encore performances of the judges' favorite routines of the season, so to hear a few of my thoughts on the show and the season as a whole,

  • After all the hype the daughter-daddy dance got just a few weeks back, I was surprised how long it took for a judge to mention it as a favorite. In fact, I thought the Greatest Dance Performance Ever in the History of Television might not even get an encore. But it ultimately did, and so I'm wondering: Was it less effective for you the second time around? It seemed a lot cheesier to me.
  • I've mostly refrained from commenting on Cat's wardrobe this season, but seriously: What was that dress? She looked like she was wearing a hedgehog instead of a skirt. Also, I figured her "dancing" with Nigel was going to be lame, but I didn't think it would be entirely computer-generated.
  • Sabra might have won the title, but apparently the sleeper favorite among the judges was Sara. She appeared in three of the chosen routines: disco with Neil, swing with Pasha, and that hilarious vagabond jazz routine from the first week.
  • I'm sure Fox was skittish after the "American Idol" finale disaster and wanted to make sure the show ended right on time, but I was pretty disappointed that the entire crowning of the winner boiled down to: "And it's Sabra! (pause) See you next year!"
  • This is the first season that I've watched every episode from the auditions to the finale, and I was remarkably impressed with the dancers from the Las Vegas auditions onward. As with any show where voters help choose the winner, I thought a few contestants were sent home too soon and others hung around a bit too long. But overall, I was relatively happy with the top four and thought the top two were spot-on. Yet I've seen comments from many of you who have been more regular watchers in seasons past saying this year didn't quite do it for you. What was missing? Was it a talent issue? Choreography? Personality?

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