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Song of the Day: Modest Mouse, "Dashboard"

Song of the Day: Modest Mouse, "Dashboard"

Poor Modest Mouse. After more than 10 years of toil on the indie-rock scene, the band scored a hit single — 2004's "Float On" — and became the insta-example used in every argument about musical sellouts. But really, it was just a case of a catchy song catching on in an unexpected way.

Now, the well-respected but oft-maligned band is getting its revenge, because Modest Mouse's new album, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, is getting even better reviews than I expected. I'll admit that I was skeptical: Though I wasn't shouting "sellout," I just didn't really dig Good News For People Who Love Bad News, so I wasn't running out to buy this one. Then I heard "Dashboard," one of the choicer tracks off the new album, and man, does it rock. To listen, read more

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