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The Starter Wife: Molly Gets a New Love Interest

I don't think I'm alone in saying that one of the few things I truly disliked about last Summer's The Starter Wife miniseries was the ending, when Molly (Debra Messing) chose to hook up with the (formerly?) homeless Sam rather than strike out on her own for a while. It wasn't just that I wanted Molly to flaunt her "single and fabulous" status — it was that Sam wasn't a great character, and the actor in the role, Stephen Moyer, lacked a certain . . . oomph.

So it's music to my ears that Molly might — just might — be kicking Sam to the curb when the series version of The Starter Wife begins this Fall. Some casting news has been announced for the 10-episode series, including Hart Bochner joining the show as a love interest for Molly. Bochner will play Zach, a character who starts out as Molly's writing teacher and then moves on to other, presumably more personal entanglements.

Molly's also getting a new sidekick: Liz Marsh, played by Danielle Nicolet. She might be taking the place of Molly's friend Cricket, as Miranda Otto is yet to sign on to the series (though at least we know she's not busy with Cashmere Mafia). Judy Davis will be back as Joan, though, and Chris Diamantopoulos will return as Rodney. Joe Mantegna will be back in a limited capacity as a "special guest," too. Several other folks will be making guest appearances, including Alia Shawkat of Arrested Development. We'll also see a new actress in the role of Molly's daughter, in addition to the new Kenny Kagan.

The show is currently slated to start in October on USA. Do you think you'll be revisiting this story?

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