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"The Starter Wife" Recap: "Hour 3"

"The Starter Wife" Recap: "Hour 3"

Last week's two-hour premiere of USA's summer series "The Starter Wife" seriously brought in the viewers and I definitely thought it got off to a great start. Thus, I tuned in again last night for "Hour 3" of the series, and while I wasn't disappointed, per se, I was somewhat perplexed. Check out my thoughts on this week's "Starter Wife" episode:

  • Anyone else think it was totally out of left field to suddenly start featuring Molly's dream and fantasy sequences? I actually really liked the black-and-white fantasy scene in which she and the detectives spoofed an old-fashioned noir film — I also think Debra Messing looks smashing in black-and-white film, just as an aside — but I was baffled by it. That kind of playfulness is fun in certain shows, but in this week's episode it struck me as simply bizarre because it wasn't set up at all in the previous episodes.
  • I understand having to feature shots of Pond's products, but this whole Molly-gabbing-to-herself-in-the-mirror thing is going to get old at some point. Should be pretty interesting to see what kinds of creative ways they figure out to incorporate the brand in the future.

Several more thoughts if you

  • Nothing says romance like a homeless man in Starbucks huskily offering to make love to you.
  • Two times when I laughed out loud: 1) When Rodney is going through his bills, separating them into the "Can Pay" and "Can't Pay" piles, he sighs, "Can't pay... Guess I didn't need two piles," because it was actually funny; and 2) When Sam says to Molly on the beach "Something's about to ignite, and I want to be there when it does," because who says stuff like that?
  • Debra Messing's forte seems to be playing campy over-the-top characters, so it was a lot of fun watching her pretend to be Joan's crazy sister Bambi.
  • Hooray for Cricket kicking over the snotty lady during yoga! "She's worth 20 of you." Sounds like a girl-power song lyric to me.
  • I gotta say, I'm a sucker for stories in which an unlikely gang of characters all end up living together, and I thought Molly's response to Lavender was actually really sweet: "I'm not lonely anymore."
  • Aaaaand then she found out her homeless lover was also a potential murder suspect.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode of "The Starter Wife"?


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