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"The Starter Wife" Recap: "Hour 5"

"The Starter Wife" Recap: "Hour 5"

Okay, watchers of "The Starter Wife," we're getting down to the wire here for Molly and the rest of the Malibu gang. Next week's episode is the last one for the summer miniseries, and this week's was a decent enough second-to-last chapter. They went back to Molly chatting herself up in the bathroom while using another Pond's product, though at this point, with only one more episode left, I just had to roll my eyes and chuckle when she used those facial wipes to, I think, wipe off her lipstick repeatedly.

Check out some noteworthy moments from this week's episode:

  • I love how bullheaded Molly's divorce lawyer is. Apparently wanting to end the marriage amicably is "what people say when they want to lose." I also liked how Molly later says quietly that they should have figured out a signal for when the lawyer really does want her to sign something. Moments like those reassure me that Debra Messing was perfectly cast in this show.
  • Another such moment: While whispering sweet nothings to one another in bed, Molly trips and bumbles over her own "turning the page of a book" metaphor. When Sam goes with it and mentions dyslexia, Molly seems genuinely worried that Sam is dyslexic.

Several more points if you

  • I loved the shell-shocked looks everyone gives Sam when he doesn't know what "American Idol" is. It's like Sam not knowing his reality TV is the ultimate shameful result of homelessness.
    Sam: "How do you vote for a TV show?"
    Someone mumbles, baffled, "You... y-you text..."
  • My amusement with that scene quickly turned to annoyance and disgust with Sam. For someone who has neither a home nor a job, he's extraordinarily judgmental of others. He snaps at Joan for still drinking, and I haven't forgotten his "let's see if it's a life worth saving" line from when he pulled Molly to shore. Who are you to judge, Sam? Sheesh!
  • How many people would love to attend his/her own funeral? Not only was it funny seeing Lou dressed in drag at his own memorial service, but that's a common fantasy he actually got to live.

  • I am completely perplexed as to what Molly sees — at all! — in Sam. So whatever leads her into Lou's arms is fine by me, but I simply can't get on board for her "relationship" with Sam and her consequent sadness over him being weird. It doesn't make any sense.
  • I love the previews for next week's episode with Lou and Sam trying to outdo each other. Lou: "I live in a house!"


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