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Steve Martin and Diane Keaton Movie

Steve Martin and Diane Keaton May Reunite for Comedy

There are some cinematic couplings that are so full of cuteness that I get giddy at the thought of them reuniting. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton are one such couple, having totally endeared themselves to me in Father of the Bride (I just pretend that little sequel doesn't exist).

Now, these two may couple up again for One Big Happy, a comedy by Party of Five creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman. Variety reports that while there aren't many details just yet, they do know that it is a "family comedy about a couple and a family reconnecting amid various obstacles."

I'm so excited by this news, and I hope costarring with Steve will get Diane back on track and help us forget some of her recent projects (ahem, Mad Money).

Based on box office returns, it looks like a lot of people love to see hard-bodied costars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson onscreen together. And, of course, there's the big upcoming reunion of Kate and Leo in this year's Revolutionary Road. I think reuniting When Harry Met Sally's stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in a movie might be fun, too. What other movie duos would you love to see re-coupled?


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tjmcbowers tjmcbowers 8 years
Uh Hello? Julia Roberts and Richard Gere!!!!
beachbum2 beachbum2 8 years
I'd love to see Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid team up together again. They had such great chemistry together. Loved Innerspace & Flesh & Bone.
cupcake345 cupcake345 8 years
Paul Newman & Robert Redford
elanakat elanakat 8 years
Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks! hmm...i need to think of some other couples! i agree with the rachel and ryan thing...but it might be too akward with their breakup..
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I actually liked Father of the Bride 2 :/ I think it would be interesting to see a good Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie that actually has them together on screen for the majority of the movie.
RioAravwyn RioAravwyn 8 years
I'd die for one last Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks/Nora Ephron movie.
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 8 years
Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. Ok, never happening, but still. Love Innerspace! LOL Cupid, draw back your bo-ow... Love Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. FOB II was cute - I liked it. Not as much as the first one, bust still (and yes, I think Father's Little Dividend would have been a better remake). Hmmm... who else... DB Sweeney & Moira Kelly Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn (a la Overboard) Bridget Fonda & Jennifer Jason Leigh Mel Gibson & Danny Glover (ok - I'm ignoring all things Mel after Lethal Weapon 4 and secretly wish for a LW5) Keifer Sutherland & Jason Patric (just for eye candy, lol)
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 8 years
Diane Lane and Richard Gere...and I hear they ARE making a movie together. I so *heart* Steve Martin. Love his movies, really love his books. I find him totally that weird?
t-and-co t-and-co 8 years
Oh, FOB II is so cute! Over the top? Yes, but still funny, and cute. :) (I think I have a penchant for bad
Kelly-O Kelly-O 8 years
The original movies with Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy were so good, and the first Father of the Bride remake was good, but the second one was just a bit much. I would have loved to see them just redo/modernize Father's Little Dividend and left it at that. I can't wait to see Kate and Leo in Revolutionary Road. That one has been a long time coming. (I not-so-secretly want to see Clive Owen and Gerard Butler make a movie about swimmers, or Greco-Roman wrestlers... anything that involves as little clothing as possible.)
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
I do love them together! That sequel had such a chance to be really great but it just didn't work. They so could have had Annie be pregnant and that be it. But Nina also getting pregnant was sooo lame and far-fetched. I can't wait to see this movie!
anniekim anniekim 8 years
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling--might not be a dynamic now they are no longer a real life couple. Also in the real couple category--I can't resist Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn together. They never really made a good movie, but I still watch "Overboard" as a guilty pleasure.
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