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Still More "Grey's" Gossip!

Still More "Grey's" Gossip!

Spoilerphobes, this post is not for you. This is big "Grey's Anatomy" stuff — bigger than that other spoileriffic tidbit I posted last week. Consider yourselves warned. You can find out what it is and join my guessing game about what it means if you

Kristin Veitch, E!'s TV queen, says someone's going to die on "Grey's" before the three-part episode that started last week is over. She says it's someone we love: "someone huge, someone important, someone you'd think they'd never kill off." She later calls it "the one thing you think they'd never do."

Obviously this could be an exaggeration, but let's take it at face value. Meredith did tumble into the water at the end of last week's episode. I was sure she'd be just fine — after all, we'd already see a man pull himself out of the water from that same spot — but now I wonder: Could she really die? Here's how I handicap the "Grey's Anatomy" Death Watch:

Chance of death: Fifty-fifty
Shonda says people don't go in the water for no reason, and killing off the eponymous character would certainly be one thing the show would never do. Still, my bet is that Meredith appears to die, but it's not real — sort of like that first time Nate Fisher died on "Six Feet Under." No Meredith, no show ... I think.

Chance of death: Unlikely
It would resolve that whole gay-bashing situation, but that seems too easy. Plus, the man was already shot; I doubt they'd make him the focus of another medical emergency.

Chance of death: Unlikely
I can't think of a single good reason to lose her now.

Chance of death: Likely
That would be interesting, wouldn't it? Derek was yammering last week about being Meredith's "knight in shining whatever." He could go into the water and pull her out, saving her but somehow killing himself. Totally soap-opera, but also totally plausible. It also meets the "someone huge, someone important" criteria without killing off the title character.

Chance of death: Unlikely
There was a rumor floating around that T.R. Knight wanted off the show, but it's been pretty well shot down by now. Besides, I doubt the writers would kill off another O'Malley this season.

Chance of death: Unlikely
See above. She's an O'Malley now, and I think the remaining O'Malleys are safe.

Ellis Grey
Chance of death: Very likely
1) She's about to have heart surgery. 2) Meredith would always regret losing their last chance to talk (provided Mere lives, of course). 3) She's a guest star. I hesitate only because her death wouldn't be shocking; in fact, it's exactly what I'd expect "Grey's" to do.

Chance of death: Likely
He's retiring anyway, and his death would make the race for chief even more urgent. Having him die in the middle of a crisis would reveal who steps up and takes charge.

Chance of death: Unlikely
Izzie's spent so much time clawing her way back that I don't see her going anywhere now. Though her death would pave the way for the "Izzie Stevens/Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic."

Chance of death: Unlikely
He's just done a good deed, and he's grown a lot this season. He should be safe.

Chance of death: Unlikely
I know a lot of "Grey's" fans who wouldn't mind seeing him offed, but I think he's around for the long haul — especially after the brief fake-out where we thought he was leaving.

Death outlook: Unlikely
She's not going anywhere; the interns need her too much.

Death outlook: Unlikely
Aside from trysts with Alex and Mark, she's not romantically attached to anyone, and she's still one of the characters we know the least about outside Seattle Grace. She stays.

So to recap: If someone's gonna go, I'm betting on Ellis, Derek, Richard, or Meredith. But am I forgetting a crucial piece of foreshadowing? Who do you think is on the hit list?

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