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Stop One Show!

It's the time of year when the networks start plotting their schedules for next season, checking out new pilots and deciding what shows to bring back. It's always a frustrating time for me, as I wonder why so many terrible shows make it back year after year.

At the end of the week, we'll learn the winner of Kristin Veitch's annual Save One Show campaign, which will help boost the winning show's chances of renewal. Meanwhile, I'm starting a poll of my own: the Stop One Show contest.

If you could pull one show from the air to make room for a quality series, which would it be? Unlike Kristin, I don't have the ear of the networks, so I can't promise that your vote will do anything to get the winner (loser?) kicked off the air. But I do promise to write about the show with all the ire and vitriol it deserves.

I've stocked the poll with some of my least-faves, limiting the candidates to scripted series only; I don't think I could possibly choose just one reality series to cancel. And I'm sticking with the broadcast networks' primetime shows; sorry, but "Pimp My Ride" and "Maury" don't count. Obviously, this is all in good fun, so if I've listed your favorite show among the candidates, please don't take it personally. You can vote here, but first you can check out the candidates if you

"ER": The show is just a shadow of what it was in the Carter/Greene/Ross/Susan years. After 13 seasons, all of the original main characters have moved on; I say the show should follow suit.

"American Dad": I'm pretty tolerant of Fox's Sunday animated lineup, but I really don't understand why you would watch this when you could put on "Family Guy" instead?

"Ghost Whisperer": I'm sorry, but "Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot" is not a good enough explanation.

"War at Home": This show is a thorn in my side. It causes me physical pain every time I hear Michael Rapaport snivel about how men and women are different and kids ruin your life. Make it stop!

"My Name is Earl": Sorry, Jason Lee fans. I know "Earl" has become a staple of NBC's Thursday lineup, but frankly, I think it's the weak link. NBC can definitely do better.

"CSI: Miami": It might be one of the best comedies on TV, except it's meant to be a drama.

"Medium": I like to see my Arquettes succeed, but this show is nowhere near as good as many of the dramas NBC is threatening to cancel.

"George Lopez": It's nothing personal, George. It's just that ABC has put more episodes of this show on the air in place of almost every show they've canceled this year, and I'm over it.

"Law & Order": Yes, it started one of television's biggest franchises, but the rotating cast of female counterparts lost me a while ago. Sam Waterson's eyebrows deserve more!

"Prison Break": This show has its fans. But it should have lasted for one season, and as TV Guide critic Matt Roush recently wrote, there's nowhere good for it to go now.

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