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Sunset Daze Is a Reality Show Set in an Arizona Retirement Community

Get Excited For Sunset Daze, the Geriatric Reality Show!

I've gotten hooked on a wide variety of reality shows, featuring people from all walks of life — housewives, Jersey kids, the Amish. But am I ready for one that features folks my grandparents' age? Sunset Daze is set in a retirement community with a cast of elderly men and women, who have more than full lives. They dance, they party, they make out — it's the usual reality show fare, but they're, well, old. I admit that the trailer weirded me out a little (are they really such kissing bandits?!), but hey, I loved the Golden Girls, so I just may watch.

To see the preview for Sunset Daze, which premieres April 28, just read more.


Photo and video courtesy of We TV

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