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Susie Garcia and Marquis Cunningham Eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Down to 16

It was time to say goodbye to two more dancers on Thursday as So You Think You Can Dance rolled toward its top 10. Which of the smiling dancers in the photo above have taken their last spin on the show's stage? Find out and discuss the results when you


Well, Thursday spelled the end for Susie and Marquis. Joining them in the bottom three, but squeaking through to safety, were Thayne and Chelsea and Chris and Comfort.

I'm not surprised (nor terribly sorry) to see Susie go; I only wish that at some point we'd gotten to see in her what the judges apparently saw in Vegas, because I'm still confused about how she made the top 20 in the first place. Meanwhile, Marquis hadn't made himself terribly memorable thus far, but after the solos, I was pretty surprised that the judges bid him farewell. In fact, I thought Marquis's solo was the strongest of the three, followed by Thayne and then Matt. But maybe that was just me being easily wowed by high-flying leaps and flips, because the judges used the "all tricks" criticism as a reason for ditching Marquis and keeping the other two. It seemed like strange logic when contestants are usually penalized for being too safe or not leaving it all out there; I mean, the guy did a front flip with no hands that landed in a seated position. How much more out there can it get? On the girls' side, while none of the three solos truly wowed me, Chelsea was passionate and strong, and Comfort was funky and tough (though I admit I wanted to see a little something more from the supposed best female hip-hopper Nigel has ever seen). Susie just did her thing, with lots of hip movement and hair tossing, but the judges dinged her for not using the stage or being as hot as she was in Vegas. Well, she was wearing more clothes . . .

Some other thoughts:

  • The judges said their real reason for keeping Comfort in the competition was the way she stood out during Shane Sparks's group number — and, considering my notes read "man, Comfort rocked that," I suppose I can agree with that. I especially loved the section where she broke it down with three guys and totally held her own.
  • So, Mary looks a lot better sans crimped hair and boob-pushing bustier, no?
  • Does anyone else think Kherington looks like Natalie Portman a little in the face? Just me?
  • I'm pretty sure that was a Schwimmer-style light-up sign I saw for Chelsie Hightower.
  • If I never hear "Stop and Stare" again in my life, I'll be happy. How many times have we heard it now this season? Four? More?
  • Totally called that setup with Jessica and Will and Kourtni and Matt being safe. I'm glad they made it through — they weren't the best of the week, but they certainly weren't the worst.
  • What does it say about this show that America's No. 1 flamenco dancer could try out two years in a row and not make the top 20 either time? This process is hard, and versatility really is key.
  • I think that no matter who the guest performers are for the rest of the season, I'm going to be able to safely comment, "Well, at least that was better than the Pussycat Dolls."

Were you sorry to see Susie and Marquis go? Surprised by the decision? Suspicious that we haven't had a couple split up yet after two eliminations? Discuss!

Photos courtesy of Fox

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