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TV Casting Roundup: "Aliens," "Boston Legal," More

TV Casting Roundup: "Aliens," "Boston Legal," More

  • Jonesing for a Luke-from-"Gilmore Girls" fix? You'll have to tune into the CW's "Aliens in America" this fall to get it. Scott Patterson will play the father on the show, which focuses on the relationship between Christian and Muslim teens in Wisconsin when the Christian boy's family brings the Muslim boy in as an exchange student. Patterson replaces Patrick Breen, who was originally cast in the role.
  • The revolving door continues to spin at the Crane Pool & Schmidt offices: Taraji P. Henson, best known for her role in Hustle and Flow, will join "Boston Legal" as a series regular, playing a lawyer from the firm's New York office. Saffron Burrows also will join the cast, playing a lawyer who once had an affair with James Spader's character. Though they were purged from the show last month, former stars Mark Valley and Rene Auberjonois will appear in a few episodes during the season.

  • Mae Whitman, best known to me as George Michael's girlfriend, Ann, from "Arrested Development," will be replaced as the deaf younger sister in NBC's "Bionic Woman." According to TV Guide, the part also might be rewritten to give the character her hearing back.
  • Wisteria Lane might be getting a new resident: Dana Delaney — who was "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry's first choice to play Bree — is in talks to join the cast as a woman who moves to town with her much-younger husband and daughter. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello speculates that the character could be Bree's long-lost sister, which sounds crazy to me, but crazy's never stopped "Desperate Housewives" before.
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