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TV's Most Shocking Deaths

Buzz In: What TV Deaths Shocked You Most?

We've been hearing rumors (and seeing funeral pics) about the death of a major character on Gossip Girl for a little while now and I think most fans of the show (including myself) can probably guess who it will be. I'm not saying who my guess is but if it comes true it probably won't be much of a surprise to anyone. Time will tell.

This got me thinking about television deaths that did take me by surprise. Lost fans, for example, can probably count several shocking deaths over the show's lifespan that came out of left field (and some that didn't, but were still sad). I still vividly remember the jaw-dropping shock I felt at the death of Teri Bauer on 24. And sometimes a television death may be predictable but still manage to bring about some tears of disbelief, like Denny's sad death on Grey's Anatomy.

When a TV death is genuinely a surprise it can be really disturbing, but at least it's all just make-believe entertainment. Which TV deaths have shocked you?

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