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TV Preview: "Scrubs: The Musical"

TV Preview: "Scrubs: The Musical"

The countdown to the Jan. 18 broadcast of "Scrubs: The Musical" is officially on. NBC just released another preview of the highly anticipated episode, this one an an ode to number two appropriately titled "Everything Comes Down to Poo." Besides setting the words "rectal cancer" to music for what has to be the first time ever, it also features a kick line led by J.D. and Turk. You can watch it on the show's official site — just scroll down and click on the box that says "featured video."

The poo song is the second one released from the episode, which guest-stars Stephanie D'Abruzzo — better known as Kate Monster from the Broadway musical Avenue Q — as a patient who sees everything as a musical. The first, "Guy Love," is a hilariously tender ballad that explores J.D. and Turk's almost-but-not-quite-gay relationship. It's available as a free download on iTunes through February. Check it out:

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