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TV Tonight: Diana Ross on "American Idol"

TV Tonight: Diana Ross on "American Idol"

When I heard Diana Ross would be a guest coach on "American Idol," I figured her turn would come much later in the season. No way they'd unleash her on a full dozen fragile "Idol" hopefuls, right?

Wrong. The diva to end all divas coached the contestants this week, and tonight, we'll get to hear two hours worth of the results. Now, I admit I'm honestly curious to hear Ross's advice for LaKisha, Melinda, Stephanie, Jordin, and even Gina, the big-voiced belters left in the contest. But Diana Ross coaching Sanjaya? Anybody else have a feeling he's going to be the one singing "Stop In the Name of Love?" This is gonna be rich.

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Underdog Underdog 9 years
Watch out for Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin Sparks, they'll keep this Competion going.
ldja89 ldja89 9 years
The Top 12 performances were very weak I think I liked a total of 6 performances. SAD!!!!!! I'll review everyone's performance.... Starting with.... Haley Scarnato -- Ok, I'll be the first to admit that she doesn't have the best voice in the world, but if you watched her performance, and listened to her vocals (however, pitchy in some spots [nothing a recording studio can't fix] she has star quality. I mean Simon Cowell took the words out of my mouth. I was a little sad that she forgot her lyrics. Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised with Haley. I think she is safe this week... I think she almost had her moment up there. And, she sort of reminds me of Katharine McPhee, who was my fave last season, so, that is a good thing :D Jordin Sparks -- Now, this girl can sing, I mean seriously... she is damn good. I'm sort of wondering what kind of album she'd make though. She just doesn't fit the current, or modern mold like Haley does. I think Haley has the potential to be a pop star, and more than likely will be one after her success on the show. But, Jordin has a powerhouse voice, and would excel in the vocal genre..., so, i'll keep an eye on this girl for sure... she is safe this week, though. Melinda Doolittle -- Wow! I mean just WOW! seriously... I expect big things from this person. I'm still wondering how America will respond to her BIG DIVA voice.., and ultimately, I'm wondering what type of album she'd make. But, I think from her praise from the judges she'll be around next week. LaKisha Jones -- A-MAZING! I love that song. I mean I loved that song when Katharine McPhee (Season 5 runner-up) sang it for her audition, and when Mikalah Gordon (Season 4 finalist) sang it, but LaKisha surprised me and I'm not a big LaKisha fan. She is definitely safe. Blake Lewis -- I think Simon was a little harsh, honestly. Blake was awesome, and I loved his modern spin on Diana Ross' classic; it was brilliant, and it showed his ability to compose, and arrange music. Granted, this is a singing competition, but this is AMERICAN IDOL, and America decides if it is good enough, however, simon may think that America won't like his spin on a classic, but Blake's fans aren't going to go, "OMG! Did you hear Blake sing Diana Ross...." I mean c'mon seriously he made it work, and tweeked it to make it fit his persona, and it was great. He impressed me and I'm very critical, and also I'm a huge DIANA ROSS FAN!!!!!!! and, I don't think he ruined her classic song. I thought he gave a song that has been dead for awhile, some life. He'll be back next week, for sure, and he'll be around for a long time.. Brandon Rogers -- Stay in the background, bud. That was seriously an awful performance, the dancing was ridiculous, and at parts I wanted to change the channel. If I was a judge that would've been when I would've got up to take a PEE! I mean... C'mon that was pathetic. Gina Glocksen -- I'm a big fan of this girl. Her performance wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be, but it was O.K. I agreed with Paula, surprisingly. I thought at times she slured her words together, and it sounded as if she had a lisp, but I think from her huge internet fan base she'll be around for another week. Phil Stacey -- Well, for some reason he reminds me of Daniel Powter. I really don't know why, but he does, and so, he sticks out to me, when some may argue that he doesn't stand out in a crowd. I think he has great vocal range, but his vocals seemed forced tonight, and a little unnatural. I wasn't impressed with his performance, it was a little bland, honestly. Chris Richardson -- Excellent performance! O.K. Vocal. It was like Justin Timberlake singing Diana Ross, it was a little awkward to me, but still all in all good. I'll say he'll be back next week for sure. Chris Sligh -- I just don't like this guy. PERIOD!!! I didn't like his arrangment of the song he chose. It was repetitive, and utterly annoying. I don't like this guy at all, everything about him. I hate his voice, and the performance was boring, and again I wanted to change the channel. Sanjaya Malakar -- What is this guy doing in the TOP 12? I surely hope he doesn't make the top 10 because that means he'll be on the idol tour, and that i'll have to see him when I go on the idol tour, buhh! Well, anyways... He looked STUPID tonight! I hated his hair, the clothes he was wearing, and his dance moves. Oh, and his song choice... I LOVE THAT SONG and he KILLED it he deserves to go home, but will he probably not! Stephanie Edwars -- I forgot about this girl, and the reason why was because her performance was FORGETABLE... I'm going to say that this person is going to be the first person to leave American Idol. I wonder if I'm right :D Favorite performances Haley Scarnato Jordin Sparks Melinda Doolittle LaKisha Jones Blake Lewis Gina Glocksen
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 9 years
I think Haley, Sanjaya and Phil will have problems. These three contestants days are numbered.
mandyjean mandyjean 9 years
im down
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