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TV Tonight: "Friday Night Lights"

TV Tonight: "Friday Night Lights"

I was intrigued by tonight's "Friday Night Lights" as soon as I saw the episode title: "Little Girl I Wanna to Marry You." Whoa! Is someone really popping the question? Who? Will I get to make more "Engaged and Underage" jokes?

That had me on the edge of my seat already, but these three clips from the episode sealed the deal. One shows Smash getting busted by his mama when she finds his stash of steroids. In another, Buddy tells Jason to give up on Lyla so she can have a normal life, and the third looks for all the world like Jason's breaking up with Lyla. Check them out. And if you're still not sure what all the fuss is with this show, you can see a clip of one of my favorite scenes — where Coach totally overreacts to Matt and Julie sharing a blanket — if you read more

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