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TV Tonight: The "Gilmore Girls" Series Finale

TV Tonight: The "Gilmore Girls" Series Finale

After seven years, tonight's the night to bid adieu to Stars Hollow. It's the series finale of the beloved "Gilmore Girls," and all I can hope is that we get a final episode reflective of all the wonderful moments the show has brought to TV over the years. As Rory gets her dream job, Luke gathers all of Stars Hollow for a blowout goodbye party — and his thoughtfulness prompts quite the reaction from Lorelai. This episode was shot before it was announced that it would be the show's last, so I really hope there aren't any unresolved cliffhangers at the end; I don't know about you, but this is one finale where I really just want everything to end happily. To watch a preview of the episode, read more

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