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TV Tonight: "Instant Star"

TV Tonight: "Instant Star"

What, you thought my obsession with teen shows on The N stopped with "Degrassi: The Next Generation"? Tonight brings the season premiere of one of my very guiltiest guilty pleasures: "Instant Star." For the uninitiated, it's a show about what happens to a young singer named Jude after she wins an "American Idol"-style competition — and with this season's "Idol" in full gear, what better time to check it out?

Granted, I liked the show a bit better before star Alexz Johnson decided to try her hand at being a real teen pop sensation — don't we have enough of those already? On the other hand, it looks like this is the season where Jude falls into a Lohan-esque spiral of drinking and boob-baring, and I can't resist that. Anyone else willing to fess up to their "Instant Star" love? To see a preview for the season, read more

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