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TV Tonight: "My Super Sweet Sixteen"

TV Tonight: "My Super Sweet Sixteen"

Between "The Hills" and "My Super Sweet 16," Mondays have become spoiled-rich-kid nights on MTV, and I have to admit I'm loving every minute. Sometimes I find myself watching TiVo-ed episodes of "Sweet 16" at 2 a.m., desperate to see if this week's princess is actually going to get Jay-Z to perform at her party. (Side note: Can you imagine these kids' weddings? I would love to see some of them on "Engaged and Underage").

On tonight's episode, a girl named Stephanie has big plans for a Venetian-themed party. If you're not quite sure what you're getting yourself into, MTV has a handy clip with the rules of throwing a super shindig — chief among them, "turning 16 means having no budget." For all the jaw-dropping action, read more

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