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TV Tonight: The "Private Practice" Preview

TV Tonight: The "Private Practice" Preview

It's here! It's time! I feel I should declare a holiday — "Private Practice" Day — and spend the whole day watching "Grey's Anatomy" DVDs to prepare for tonight's event. In case you somehow hadn't heard, tonight's two-hour episode, "The Other Side of This Life," could also be the pilot for "Private Practice," the proposed Addison-centric "Grey's" spinoff. I've been lukewarm about the spinoff from the start — I want more Addison, but I want her on "Grey's" — but despite my best efforts to be skeptical and cautious, I'm incredibly excited about tonight.

Besides, Addison's trip to LA isn't the only big development in tonight's episode — there's also Cristina trying on wedding dresses and Meredith getting slapped by someone. To watch ABC's preview of the episode,

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