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TV Tonight: "Sons of Hollywood"

TV Tonight: "Sons of Hollywood"

Television's latest chronicle of the lives of the rich and vapid starts Sunday night on A&E. "Sons of Hollywood" follows Randy Spelling (son of Aaron), Sean Stewart (son of Rod), and David Weintraub, their childhood friend-turned-manager, through daily life in LA.

I suppose "Sons" is supposed to give us insight into how tough it is for the offspring of superstars to come into their own, but — based on the first two episodes, at least — it's more of an exercise in watching clueless people with too much money fail to appreciate what they have. In the first episode, the guys fly out to Vegas for a lavish weekend, and Sean throws a wad of blue cotton candy at Randy's head, which Randy later whines about to his mother. In the second, Tori Spelling drops by to do the splits on the boys' hardwood floors and talk at length about her dog's vagina. I'm not sure why, exactly, that merits its own TV show, but hey, I'm not in Hollywood.

At the same time, I did feel a bit of sympathy toward Randy Spelling, whose father's health was declining during the filming (though that just illustrates how long ago the episodes were shot). And it was amusing to see how much time Sean spent on the phone with his mom. If you really can't resist celebrity voyeurism, check it out at 10 p.m. tonight, but don't say I didn't warn you. To watch a preview for the show — which consists of the guys' wacky antics set to Sean's hilariously earnest song "The In Crowd" —

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