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TV Tonight: The Wire Series Finale

After five relentlessly gritty seasons of exposing the highs and lows of Baltimore and exploring creator David Simon's thesis that people today matter less than ever, HBO's great series The Wire comes to a close tonight. I tore through all the previous seasons on DVD this Fall so I could be here tonight, watching the finale live alongside the show's other fans. But, as I wrote when I asked about your favorite series finales the other day, now that the moment's arrived, I'm feeling overwhelmingly ambivalent. Fact is, I'm just not ready to let Bunk, McNulty, Kima, Lester, Bubbles, Carcetti, and even Marlo go. And I can only imagine how fans who watched and dissected each season over the past five years must feel.

There are so many plot threads still unraveling, and so many stories yet to be connected, that I doubt there's any way tonight's 95-minute finale can tie them all up. Will Lester's shining drug bust end up falling apart? Will Scott's lies grow bigger? Will McNulty recover from his latest downward spiral? I think I may leave the show with as many questions as answers. But in a way, that's exactly how a sprawling series like The Wire should end: messy and complicated, just like it's always been.

HBO has been putting episodes On Demand a week early all season, but the network held the final episode back (and yes, it leaked online — no spoilers in the comments, please!) so fans would watch together. As a result, a very funny preview aired On Demand, featuring Clay Davis and his signature catchphrase: "Sheeeeeeeit." You can watch it, plus the promo for the final episode, if you just



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summertimebrown summertimebrown 8 years
Ughhhhhh!!!!!! I cannot believe that they let that show end without the monster(Marlo) getting his! That's all I can say right now.... "I'm verklempt!"
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
The finale was so good. I have only been watching this show since last season and that season finale made me cry. This was so unbelievably perfect. I think the fact that some questions were answered and others left open ended was great. I have to say the whole time I was wanting Marlo to get knocked off even though I knew that would be too perfect, but I think what they did with that character showing how no matter what he was always going to be of the street was brilliant. I really wish it wasn't over, but I really respect the perspective of the writers in that they had a certain story to tell and they told exactly that no more no less.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 8 years
the finale was freaking amazing! way better than some other programs on hbo, ahem sopranos.
snickerdoodle66 snickerdoodle66 8 years
I'm so sad it's over. My absolute favorite show!
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