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Take a Break With My Three Favorite Viral Videos Right Now

As everyone who's even somewhat familiar with the Internet knows, there's a new viral-video-of-the-hour well, pretty much every hour. Some are hilarious, some just so-so, but I've come across three lately that have made me laugh out loud. They're not new, exactly, but they're still so funny, no matter how many times I watch each of them. It's helping along this sluggish Monday afternoon.

First, there's a Toy Story 2 trailer set to the Dark Knight trailer. Hard to explain further than that, so just take a look. Then, a video with a similar idea: Bert and Ernie trying out gangsta rap (there's a metal version of this, but I prefer the rap one). And finally, the most recent of the three (and I think the most hilarious): the literal interpretation of the music video for A-Ha's "Take On Me" (hat tip to Giggle for that one). It's all after the jump, so if you have approximately six minutes to spend watching amusing videos, read more.

The Dark Knight/Toy Story 2 Trailer

Bert and Ernie Try Gangsta Rap

A Literal Version of "Take On Me"

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