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Ted's Most Over-the-Top Romantic Gestures on HIMYM

Mar 28 2014 - 7:00am

We have a mean case of HIMYM nostalgia [1], and we've been reliving some of the show's greatest hits, like Marshall and Lily's sweetest scenes [2] and Barney's most legendary moments [3]. We're taking a look now at the series' main character and the defining characteristic that launched, pretty much, the show's premise. Yes, we're talking about Ted's unrelenting romantic nature, which has manifested itself in over-the-top gestures, idealistic quotes, and heartbreakingly sweet moments. By the way, want to know if you're a Ted? Take our quiz [4]!

Poor Ted: he's so beset by his overwhelming romantic nature that he sometimes feels like this.

In the first memorable display of Ted's willingness to go far for love, he steals a blue french horn for Robin.

It's an act that has reverberated throughout the series.

And then the presentation! Tell me Ted isn't the biggest romantic on TV.

He's the Taylor Swift [5] of sitcom leading men.

Even though Ted sucks at dumping Natalie (he does it twice, and both times on her birthday), he's very cute trying to get her back with a giant sock monkey.

Ted's pursuit of love is marked by his high ideals for what finding the perfect person entails.

He never gives up on finding "the one."

When Ted meets Stella and she's too busy for a date, he orchestrates adorable, elaborate, two-minute dates.

Another girl he thinks is "the one," Victoria, is also one he doesn't give up on after their first attempt at dating doesn't work.

Their most over-the-top couple moment? When they drive off into the sunset after she abandons her own wedding [6]. Shades of The Graduate!

Ted never regrets the big risks he takes for love, and I think that's admirable.

Remember when Ted goes to the ends of the earth to find Robin's locket? That act, plus the old blue french horn memory, are little details that give Robin pause about not being with him on her wedding [7] day. Because let's face it: Ted is marriage material.

But he's not meant for Robin (not then, anyway). He's meant for the mother, and before we meet her, a time-traveling Ted meets her and says these very sweet words.

Once we see Ted with the mother, we see how sweet their relationship is — and how happy Ted is to have finally found his other half.

They even return to Farhampton's lighthouse for an unforgettable proposal.

It really is.

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