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Ten Things I Learned from Chatting with Tina Fey

Just one week from tonight, NBC's 30 Rock will finally return with new episodes. Tina Fey did a chat with reporters earlier this week to talk about the upcoming episodes, her dream best friend, and her trademark glasses. Here are 10 things I learned:

  1. She wants Oprah to be her best friend — on the show, and maybe in real life. "I want to spend time with Oprah," she said, "and I don’t know what I need to do to make that happen."
  2. Both of Liz's boyfriends, Floyd and Dennis the Beeper King, are coming back for story arcs this Spring — and Liz, who "probably hooks up once every seven years," is going to have a pregnancy scare.
  3. There was no writers' strike in the land of 30 Rock. "We decided that the strike did not happen in our world because we sort of felt like, for people viewing at home, the real strike was a big enough pain."
  4. Unlike Fey herself, Liz Lemon will never turn up on the cover of Vanity Fair. "Liz Lemon never gets her hair done," Fey said.
  5. That whole thing about "clapter" really wasn't supposed to slam The Daily Show. "That thing was edited kind of weird because I was really talking about audiences and how, you know, audiences respond weirdly to things. And when I was talking, I said, 'like you know, on Weekend Update or anything.' And then that kind of went away, so it seemed like I was saying something bad about those guys."

For the other five, just


  1. She doesn't worry about her show's ratings. "You can't control them by worrying about them," she said. "We sort of have a feeling of like we’re going to keep making these until they don’t let us make them anymore."
  2. Among Fey's inspirations: The Larry Sanders Show, The Office (both versions), The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Carol Burnett Show, Bob Newhart, and Christopher Guest movies.
  3. Who would play Liz Lemon's dream boyfriend? Peter Dinklage.
  4. She loves throwing in what she calls "TiVo jokes" — things people have to rewind to get. "Last year we did an episode where there was a prop that was a list — Liz made a list of the pros and cons about her boyfriend," she said. "And then I realized that people did freeze frame and, you know, wrote on the Internet, 'hey look what Liz said!' And so ever since then, I realized, well, people really look at this stuff."
  5. She's always losing her glasses — and sometimes she mixes them up with the fake glasses from the set. "At home I probably have four or five [pair] that I can never find," she said. "I went and got an eye exam the other day, a couple weeks ago, and [the doctor] tested my glasses and he said, 'You know these are props, right, that there’s no prescription?' And I had been wearing them around thinking that they were helping my vision."


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