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Thayne and Comfort Eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Meet the Top 10

Want to know which So You Think You Can Dance dancers will be coming soon to a city near you? The top 10 of the season were revealed on Thursday's episode, marking the true start of the finals and the last major hurdle before "America's favorite dancer" is named. Was the elimination the expected one, or was there a twist? To find out and talk about it, just


Well, the judges did what was expected, sending Comfort and Thayne home after they (not too shockingly) ended up in the bottom three. Nobody seemed even a tiny bit surprised, least of all Thayne, who was left in the unenviable position of having to dance a solo against Twitch, who's one of the main reasons why anyone is watching this show, and Will, who the judges believe is heaven-sent.

If there's anything remotely surprising about the elimination, it's that Twitch and Kherington ended up in the bottom three at all — but even that wasn't out of the blue, at least if comments here are any indication. There's been some outcry over the past couple of weeks that the judges are propping them up unnecessarily, plus some suggestion that having to dance solos might humble the two of them a little, and so I don't think giving them a bottom-three scare was a bad thing. They clearly weren't going home (Nigel basically said as much before they even danced for their lives), but it's probably a smart move to raise the possibility.

Will and Jessica as the other pair in the bottom was also not too surprising, and nor was the fact that they're both sticking around — though it seemed clear to me that Jessica will be going home at the next available opportunity. Her solo wasn't great (though I didn't think any of the girls' were — entirely too much running around!), but I'm glad it was good enough, because I am curious to see her with someone who isn't God's Precious Gift to Dancing.

Some other thoughts:

  • So I don't usually talk a lot about Cat's hair, because if I did it would mostly come down to "Cat's hair pretty. Me want Cat's hair." But I did find it incredibly distracting last night; the right side was so pretty, and the left side was just a teasing experiment gone wrong.
  • Just for a second, can you try to imagine the outcry that would have ensued had Twitchington not made the tour? I'm not sure I've ever seen the like.
  • I see the level of talent on this show and I'm blown away, so it's even more impressive to see the real pros. Those Alvin Ailey dancers were incredible.
  • Were Thayne and Mia wearing the same shirt?
  • Honestly: Have we had a week yet with out a OneRepublic song entering in in either a solo, a guest performance, or a montage? If we have had one, I suppose the double dose last night makes up for it.

So, your thoughts? I doubt too many of you will be surprised at the elimination — but was it the right thing to do? And how does this top 10 stack up to what you were predicting at the start of the season?

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