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Thoughts and Theories From Lost Episode "What They Died For"

Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

Well kids, this will be my last Thursday morning comment report (sniff, sniff). I've immensely enjoyed chatting with all of you after each and every exciting episode of Lost, and I absolutely cannot wait for next week's discussion of the finale. In the meantime, here are a few of your own last-minute astute observations and predictions as we head into the home stretch.

  • I think Desmond is able to go to the light without it turning him into the smoke monster, and at that point could either take the light or destroy its source. I think Widmore had wanted Desmond to take the light so he could use it for his own means. Flocke will want Desmond to destroy the light, and remove all the power from the island, once he gets off the island. — Kraig
  • Why didn't Desmond try to get Sawyer to come with him? And was Ana Lucia not on the plane this time? If so, why didn't he try to get her too? — Whiplash
  • Richard can't die, so that whole scene shocked me. Where the heck is he? — redchick152

A couple more if you


  • If Kate's name was scratched off because she became a mother, why wasn't the name Kwon scratched off too? Sun and Jin were parents, and their child was actually related to them. — suziryder
  • Where's Claire? I've never really cared for her, and I totally forgot about her existence during the whole episode, but it just dawned on me, like 4 hours after the episode that we didn't see her on the island. Was she the one who helped Desmond out of the well? Does she even know about Desmond being in the well? She is kinda sneaky and all... — akmarspice

Do you agree with any of these readers? Have thoughts of your own that you'd like to share? Go wild in the comments, and don't forget to check out the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community!

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